Best keratin shampoo: What You Need To Know

What is keratin and how useful is it to your hair? The answer to this question was well answered by an expert in your salon. Keratin she explained is a natural protein found in the hair, nails and skin of a human. When you suffer from hair fall due to various reasons you are advised to use a shampoo which is rich in keratin, as it makes your hair healthy. How do you choose a Best keratin shampoo? Below we have tried to help you in this matter.

What type is your hair?

Before you choose a keratin based shampoo you have to understand what type of hair you have. Keratin does improve the overall texture of the hair but if you have frizzy hair it works best on it. These shampoos make the frizzy hair smooth and manageable. Depending on the type of your hair, you can choose your keratin shampoo.

Best Keratin ShampooWhat is a Brazil keratin shampoo?

This is the Best Keratin Shampoo available in the market. If you do not know much about the product you have to do a small search on the internet and get the details regarding it. In most cases Brazil keratin shampoo contains formaldehyde which becomes dangerous when the hair is blow dried. Therefore you can buy a Brazil keratin shampoo that does not have formaldehyde but has keratin which adds luster to your hair.

What does this shampoo do to your hair?

1.    As you are aware keratin is a building block for your good hair. When you use a shampoo rich in keratin you are helping to make your hair beautiful and shiny. This would also make your scalp healthy. Otherwise when keratin becomes less in your hair, the quality of your hair diminishes and becomes dry and brittle and finally breaks down.

2.    When you use a keratin based shampoo you are also helping to remove the tangles from your hair.  The keratin in the shampoo makes it smooth and it is easy to comb your hair. You can also sport any hairstyle you want and your hair would be manageable, soft and shiny. In fact keratin shampoo is great for people with curly hair and it leaves the hair manageable and makes the curls better.

3.    Keratin shampoo is safe in most cases. If you are very particular you can buy a keratin shampoo that is free from sulfate and therefore you would not suffer from any side effects. It is advisable here to check the other ingredients in the shampoo apart from keratin and choose one that is best for your hair type.

4.    If you have a dry scalp it would be best to avoid a keratin shampoo as it dries the hair and this might complicate your dry scalp conditions.

5.    Also avoid using the shampoo on a daily basis and use it only two or three times a day.

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